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The Top Reasons People are Moving in 2022


Despite moving house topping the list of stressful changes you can make in your life, many people are packing up in search of greener pastures. The reasons vary, but they are all strong enough to encourage people to undertake the tiring and lengthy process of shoving everything into boxes and trekking across state lines. Here are some of the top relocation-ready reasons people are moving in 2022.


People are choosing to move to sunny locations and big cities to take advantage of the opportunities. Many popular choices include Austin, Orlando, and Phoenix, all experiencing a population boom right now.

If the idea of a rapid surge in population leaves you feeling overwhelmed, you can turn to steady-growth cities. These destinations remain popular among relocators, but they aren’t experiencing a sudden influx of new people. For example, NYC remains a perennial favorite relocation destination for people of all backgrounds. Despite predictions of a population plunge, the Big Apple has enjoyed a steady increase over the years.

Moving to New York City can be challenging, as the city is like no other in the United States. There are a few things to know before moving to New York, as the state and city have a unique culture in the Northeast. The housing is expensive because there is a limited supply, and rent and zoning laws make it difficult for developers to add living space.

Now that you’ve got a few prime destinations added to your list, here are a few of the top reasons people are finding new homes in 2022.


With so many people working remotely, the opportunity to work from a dream location has become a reality. Job opportunities have also encouraged people to relocate in hopes of growing their careers. Some companies have closed satellite branches, forcing employees to move to their headquarters’ cities.

As more companies ask their employees to return to the workplace, many people choose to reduce their daily commutes. Nixing the daily drive to work gave workers a glimpse of what they can do when they have more time on their hands. Living close to work gives employees more free time to spend with family and friends.

Another work-related reason why people move is retirement. Many people retired in the last two years, allowing them to move away from where they’ve worked for twenty-five or thirty years.


Some people move to be closer to grandparents and other family members. With childcare costs and remote school creating problems for families trying to find balance, families have relocated to take advantage of retired grandparents who can stay home with the kids while parents work.


Big cities and their surrounding suburbs have become expensive places to live. In some locations, the cost of housing has become so high that people are selling their homes for top dollar. Then, these sellers use their profits to move to a new location with a lower cost of living. People are also moving to take advantage of shorter commutes, lower tax rates, and other financial benefits.


Another reason people are moving is for educational purposes. Parents might want to live in a top school district to benefit their children, and some people move to be close to major colleges and universities. Post-secondary education is expensive, so some families choose to save money by taking advantage of in-state tuition and not paying for university housing.


Because moving is a complex and expensive event, most people need a compelling reason to pack up their things and find a new home. Families tend to move for three primary reasons: family, work, and finances.

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